Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confusing path after High School

My sewing teacher said to me, "I know, it's the most confusing time for you is right now. It's too hard to decide which path you should take after high school since everybody is saying entirely different things, pushing their opinions on you. I gave you my opinions, but it's for you only to decide your own future."

I was torn between the decision to go to Australia, pursuing the title Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, and to go to Singapore to study Fashion Design in Raffles. As you know, from this blog you can see how I love writing. And from my other blog you can also see how much I love fashion. But I am more interested in going to Singapore, honestly.

If you're a high school graduate like me, do you experience the same thing? If you've graduated high school long time ago, did you feel the same back then? Did you choose your own path, or did your parents decide it for you?

I figured that I'm pretty lucky to choose everything by myself, though that makes me extremely confused. Many of my friends don't have that privilege. Their parents chose what's best for them, thought that some certain faculties can ensure their future.

My sewing teacher thought that having a title in Fashion Design doesn't help you with your future. It's better to have a title in Business, IT, or even English Studies is better than to study Fashion Design. Her opinion is that you can study fashion even after you graduate, you can take some courses and you can be even more successful than those who enroll fashion schools.

If I am her child, I'm definitely going to Australia to study and get the title Bachelor of Arts. Even if my heart decides to go to Singapore and study fashion, she won't let me. That's if she is my parents.

I think her way of thinking is very wise. She's in the same age as my parents, and she's had so much experience in her life. But my way of thinking is also different from hers. I won't be able to decide my own future with our way of thinking clash. I am now considering myself very lucky to have two similar thinking parents.

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