Friday, April 30, 2010

I've passed the test!

And I am now almost a high school graduate!

Last week (last week I guess?) I was informed that I've passed the national test for graduating high school here in Indonesia. We call it UAN here. My school has prepared their students for ages before: while the test is in March, they've prepared it since January or so. And it was never ending tests and exams for me! Of course, the best thing is to do all of them with smiles and good laughs, because even if it made me suffer, I went through it all with my friends.

They said my school passing percentage was 100%. Really happy to hear that, but on other side, I really believe a lot of cheating was involved.... Nevertheless, I am here to talk about how I am really sad to think that maybe, God is unfair sometimes after all.

When we all laugh and happy for graduating from high school, there's my friend who is now still sick. It was months ago when she started missing school, and even the doctors didn't know what she had. It was really bad for her that our teacher even encourage us to see her after our exams, fearing us to be infected. I don't know myself what sort of disease she has.... I rarely talk to her even if we're in the same year. She didn't participate for UAN and now she has resigned from school, and gone to Singapore for medication.

Another thing is about university. One of my friend has been studying like crazy and getting into extra courses for passing the university test. She has tried to get in twice, but failed. She is now trying for her third time, and I am proud of her.

But to think about it, my other friend, played all night before the university test. He didn't even bothered to join extra courses or anything. For the registration form, he filled it hastily and nothing was done properly. He didn't give that much money for the university donation either. But he's in. Just one try and he is now in.

... sometimes things are unfair huh?

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